Notable Facts

Professional Pilot Team

With a team of pilots who are business leaders, teachers, and event planners, your brand is always in good hands with Vantage Point Ballooning.

International Reach

Vantage Point Ballooning has an extended network of pilots to cover your events, no matter where they are.

Award Winning Crew

We have the best crew anywhere. Seriously. So good, they've won awards from recognized balloon organizations!

Quick History

Professional, experienced team of pilots to represent your brand

Since 2010, Vantage Point Ballooning has been flying balloons all around North America. Operating as a group of family and friends, VPB makes every balloon event a fun, unique, and memorable experience for spectators and passengers. With home-base being Readington, NJ, Vantage Point is strategically placed in an ideal location to provide the best service to it's customers. Proximity to both New York City and Philadelphia, as well as major headquarters location allows many opportunities for balloon operations.

Reach out to Vantage Point Ballooning today and see how our team of business leaders, teachers, and event planners can take your brand to new altitudes!

Our team