Custom Sport Balloon

Custom designed balloons, to match your brand and budget

Our strongest recommendation for most clients is a completely custom full system. This package includes a hot air balloon designed and built specifically for your brand. The color scheme matches your logo and branding guidelines. It includes a brand new “lower end,” consisting of a basket, burner, and uprights. This will create a unified, complete experience for your spectators, passengers, and VIPs.

A full system includes a customized trailer to recover and transport the balloon, as well as a new chase vehicle to tow. VIPs and passengers will be in the utmost of luxury from the balloon, basket, and chase vehicle, and will be immersed in your brand at each step along the way.

All Vantage Point staff and crew will wear apparel with your logos during customer-facing events. We’ll keep our vehicles stocked with promotional items and literature about your organization for spectators and guests at various events. We’ll be ambassadors to your brand in the field.



Special Shape Balloon

Ideal for high-impact, unique marketing

For clients who are looking to really make a splash, we recommend special shape balloons. These unique designs go outside of the realm of typical, tear drop hot air balloons and can be any shape. Ranging from the Energizer Bunny, to a full Honda Motorcycle, even to Mr. Peanut himself, special shapes are a blank canvas for a big impact.

These balloons require a larger crew, with a larger vehicle and more support equipment. Being the main attraction at balloon festivals and events around the globe, special shape hot air balloons are the back drops for most photos and memories of ballooning. What better way to have your brand remembered than a flying memory for thousands of people?

With a special shape balloons comes a full-immersion experience so your passengers, VIPs, and spectators will remember your brand. During TV and media opportunities, the press will constantly have your logo in view through a branded basket and chase system. This unified experience will set your brand apart, and make you stand out among your competition.



Event Banners

Best for short-run campaigns

Are you looking for an affordable option to promote your business? A hot air balloon utilizing a banner is a great budget option to promote your business for a limited time. Bannered balloons are also an effective way to draw attention to a grand opening or a special event.

A bannered balloon is strongly recommended for a one time occasion or a short term advertising campaign. For promotions with seasonal offerings, a banner is excellent as your message can be changed upon request. A banner can be made as small as 20 feet long on one side of the balloon or a banner that covers the entire equator of the balloon.

Contact Vantage Point Ballooning today and get your next campaign set up! We'll be happy to talk about the options available, as well locations for where we can set the balloon up. Vantage Point is your go-to for all types of banner operations.